What is an example of physicians collaborating around Agathos data?

Besides helping individual physicians see how their practice patterns compare to those of their peers, Agathos data can also be used to facilitate meaningful conversations around particular practice areas. This data can spark dynamic conversations and collaboration that lead to improvements in both practices and outcomes. Listen to Chelsea share a telemetry example below.


Here's an example of one of the ways that Agathos data enables physicians to collaborate. I was at a meeting where a bunch of different hospitalists directors were looking at some of the Agathos data on telemetry utilization and one of the groups who had much significantly lower telemetry utilization than the others shared how his group actually reviews patients at the end of the day and what other resources they bring in to help with that review of who really should be using this resource. And it resulted in a really dynamic conversation between all of the medical directors about how they could bring that practice to their providers in a way that fit in with their current culture and also could provide them a better way of doing things.