Why was Agathos founded?

Agathos founders, Steven Waye and Andrew Trees, created Agathos because they were dismayed by the lack of transparency in all walks of healthcare — but particularly in the lack of meaningful data for physicians.


What inspired Andrew and I to found Agathos? We were both just really dismayed by the lack of transparency in all walks of healthcare, but particularly in data for physicians. My sense from working at Epic was, physicians felt like they were putting a ton into these systems, but weren't getting a whole lot out. And so I was inspired to help, and to help physicians do the right thing, and everyone really wants to do the right thing, but there's just not a whole lot of... If there is consensus about what it is, there's not a whole lot of data supporting how to do the right thing, or even understanding, over time, is what I'm doing the same, or just way out of whack, with the other folks that I work with? And so, after iterating over a lot of different versions of this, I think what we landed on is, giving physicians longstanding transparency into the types of decisions that they're making, and how they compare to their peers, and just making that super, super simple, really easy to access. Something they can look at it in 15 minutes or less, and really understand, okay, here's the norm, here's where I sit within it. Am I an outlier? If I am, like, maybe I should talk to the other folks in my group, see the people that are excelling in a certain area, and learn from them and start a dialogue. And so I think it's an example of technology ideally bringing people together, and particularly bringing physicians together in dialogue to share knowledge and best practice, and ultimately do what's best for the patient, for the health system and for healthcare in the US at large, which is, you know, super needed.