What goes into an Agathos Implementation?

An Agathos implementation is straightforward with a minimal lift from your IT team. In this short video, Paul Hooven, Data Integration Engineer, explains the steps, hours involved, and what to expect for maintenance. Spoiler alert: It's pretty simple.


I've seen a lot of customers say they believe in the Agathos product, but they want to know about the implementation effort. They want to know what it takes to get Agathos up and running. The nice thing about the Agathos implementation process is that customers don't need to develop new data extracts. They can leverage code that's already been optimized at many customer sites. So really, the process is just make sure the queries run as delivered out of the box, set up the daily file transfers, and then run the queries over a data back load time period. Of course, there's always a few nuances to address, but those shouldn't require any custom development from your IT team. Things like filtering by hospital location are already built out as options, and the queries are written to accommodate a wide range of EMR configurations and workflow nuances. Overall, the process should take about 25 to 40 hours of IT time, most of which is scheduling the jobs and running the data back loads. And once things are set up, maintenance is pretty minimal. It's really just making sure the daily jobs run as scheduled.