What — if anything — can we do about clinical variation?

Clinical variation is a tough problem to solve. You know it exists. You know it is problematic. But you are not sure exactly what you can do to fix it. Sounds a lot like climate change, right? In this video, Michael Van Duren, MD, discusses how clinical variation is like climate change and how Agathos gives you clear, actionable steps you can take to reduce this disparity in care.


There's this problem in healthcare that we've all heard about, which is waste, or unnecessary care, or low-value in care. But the problem is where is it and where should I get started? It's a little bit like global warming, okay. I know it's important, but I have no idea what I personally can do about it. So Agathos offers this example of where a first step could be. So it's unwarranted clinical variations. So if multiple physicians are getting the same outcome, but some of them are doing it with far more use of certain tests and maybe those tests aren't necessary. So this unwarranted variation is a pointer to where there's probably unnecessary care. So that's a very practical first step of something that we can do about this problem of waste in US healthcare.