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Watch a replay of our recent webinar, "Best practices for sharing unblinded process metrics with clinical teams." Click here to view. 


Facilitate care improvement and help align incentives for multiple stakeholders across your organization

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Hospital leaders

Reduce unwarranted clinical variation and improve care in hospital settings.


Population health & community care leaders

Reduce unwarranted clinical variation and improve care in primary care settings (particularly in context of value-based care).


Physicians and APPs

Engage physicians and APPs with more accessible, actionable, individualized data on practice patterns in comparison with those of their colleagues.


Medical Directors

Provide a highly-utilized tool for individual and group practice improvement.


Agathos Enterprise empowers physicians across the organization with individualized data in a lightweight mobile interaction that improves physician practice, patient outcomes, and operational excellence.




Agathos believes that the greatest opportunity to affect change in healthcare begins with the physician. More specifically, by helping physicians understand more about their practice patterns, see areas of individual strength and opportunity, and see how even subtle practice trends impact group performance, Agathos believes you can accelerate exceptional change.

Listen to Dr. Macchiaroli, MD, MS, CPE share the value he finds in Agathos. 


Agathos Enterprise takes Agathos Engage to the next level of scale and impact

Agathos offers a lightweight version of its core offering called Agathos Engage. Agathos Engage is made up of the top three components of our enterprise solution: Agathos Compare, Agathos Insights, and Agathos Recommend.

Beyond the value of Agathos Engage, Agathos Enterprise has an expanded breadth and depth of content and data, supported by a world-class data pipeline. As a result, your organization has access to data that your physicians trust like no other data. Here is why:



  • Content libraries — Instead of a focus on patient outcomes, these libraries focus at the level of provider practice patterns, over which your physicians have the ability to control.

  • Case examples — Once again leveraging our access to clinical data, we provide recent case examples, which is one of our most important facilitators of physician buy-in. Physicians can quickly verify attribution, learn from recent cases featured, and otherwise contextualize score data.
  • Economies of scale on price, scope, specialty coverage — Our Libraries represent years and millions of dollars of development available on Day 1, and they have the ability to touch every provider with meaningful practice sample and peer groups.
  • Cross-system benchmarks — By leveraging our platform-wide process and practice metrics and client data, Agathos enables more timely data and a better picture of where your physicians practice in relation to organizations across the country.
  • Data pipeline — Agathos Enterprise enables all of these above differentiators with the timely access to daily-updated clinical data from your Epic EHR. The recency of data, trends, and case examples is critical to buy in and sustainable physician engagement.

Empower your physicians to deliver the best care possible

Delivering excellent care requires continual improvement on multiple fronts: physician experience, patient experience, operational efficiency, and quality. Empower your physicians across the organization with data they trust, engage with, and that supports them in delivering the best care possible.

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