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Community perspectives on clinical variation, high-value care, behaviorial economics, and health IT

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One emergency medicine physician’s experience with unblinded peer data

We recently had the chance to visit Lee Health and talk with a number of stakeholders about their experiences with Agathos. Here are the main takeaways from our discussions with Douglas Lee, MD of Lee Physician Group Emergency Care Physician Services. We hope you enjoy his[…] Read More


We recently had a chance to visit our client partners at Lee Health. We sat down to ask VP and Chief Physician Executive Richard Macchiaroli, MD, MS, CPE, what kind of impact Agathos was having with Lee Health Hospitalists and Emergency Medicine providers. These are some of the[…] Read More

For lower cost, high value care, physicians need a better GPS

Have you ever been in a situation where your GPS couldn’t figure out what road you were on, and kept giving you the wrong directions? Telling you to get on onramps that don’t exist, or worse, to drive off bridges to get to the road below? Many times, the dashboards provided by[…] Read More

Are you someone who cares?

Many of you are familiar with author, speaker, and now climate activist, Seth Godin. He has been publishing short, creative blog posts every day for almost 20 years. Posts that make you pause and reflect. One of his recent posts was called “Who cares?” It piqued my curiosity. I[…] Read More

Does peer comparison improve physician practice?

If you are a healthcare executive with the privilege of leading physicians, you know how important physician engagement is to achieving your many goals — both patient focused and business focused. This quote from Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD concisely sums up the challenge. Read More

Four types of value Atomic Habits can deliver to healthcare

Like many of you, I am a sucker for personal and professional development. Stacks of books adorn the office, the bedroom night stand, and anywhere else I can find space. One of my pandemic reads was the massive best seller, Atomic Habits, by James Clear. Read More

What rock documentaries can teach you about clinical variation

Like many of you, I watched a fair number of documentaries during the pandemic. Being a musician, I’m drawn to the stories behind some of the greatest rock bands of all time. A few documentaries I enjoyed come to mind: Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, Bohemian Rhapsody about[…] Read More

Clinical variation is like climate change

For many of us, our awareness of climate change has been brought to the forefront with the rise in natural events over the recent years. Tsunamis, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes and a melting ice cap; we are much more aware of climate change than ever before. With all the news[…] Read More

The rocks, pebbles, and sand of reducing clinical variation

You have probably heard the story where a professor gets up in front of the class with a large jar. The story involves putting large rocks in the jar and then asking the students, “Is the jar full?” They say, “Yes.” He then adds some pebbles to the jar to fill in the spaces and[…] Read More

Data Transparency, Length of Stay, Behavior Change — This Webinar Covered it All

When we invited William Carracino, MD, CMIO of Lee Health and Peter Chang, MD, VP of Care Transformation at Tampa General Hospital to share how they are empowering physicians with data about their individual practice patterns, we knew we were in for a treat. Read More

3 Ways Hospitalists Influence Length of Stay

I am the Chief Medical Officer of MDP Management, a Chattanooga-based hospitalist group serving health systems in the Southeast. Our focus is medical practice management that empowers physicians to provide the highest quality care, exceed goals and drive change in the hospital[…] Read More

Oh, length of stay, how shall I reduce thee?

Clinical variation is the focus in healthcare, thanks in part to the unprecedented access to data made possible through EHRs. This information has inspired and, frankly, overwhelmed hospitals seeking to pinpoint inefficiencies and optimize pathways and processes. Clinicians[…] Read More