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Community perspectives on clinical variation, high-value care, behaviorial economics, and health IT

Trends in Emergency Department Utilization and Optimization: Part 3 of 3

My Experience Working on the Frontlines (Article 3 of 3)   Thank you for reading the final installment of this three-part series highlighting the Emergency Department (ED) and its central role in care delivery. Part 1 covered historical trends and the current state of the ED in[…] Read More

Trends in Emergency Department Utilization and Optimization: Part 2 of 3

My Experience Working on the Frontlines (Article 2 of 3)   Hello, and thank you for reading part 2 of my three-article series. To quickly recap, this series outlines: 1) current trends, 2) most significant challenges, and 3) methods for implementing sustainable improvement in[…] Read More

Trends in Emergency Department Utilization and Optimization: Part 1 of 3

My Experience Working on the Frontlines (Article 1 of 3) Allow me to take a moment to tell you a little about my background, while setting the stage for a series of articles I will be writing in the next few months. My name is Jonathan, and I am an emergency physician and[…] Read More

My Perspective – Evolving Care Delivery

Take a moment to consider your last visit to the doctor. Whether you are fortunate enough to only require an annual physical because you enjoy good health or need more frequent access based on your personal health status or that of a loved one, take a moment to reflect on what[…] Read More

How to Design Technology for and with Physicians

Why do so many technology companies struggle with physician adoption? Are physicians technophobes, is it the technology, or some combination of both?The unfortunate reality is that many physicians either dislike or do not use many health IT solutions. Read More

3 Ways Hospitalists Influence Length of Stay

I am the Chief Medical Officer of MDP Management, a Chattanooga-based hospitalist group serving health systems in the Southeast. Our focus is medical practice management that empowers physicians to provide the highest quality care, exceed goals and drive change in the hospital[…] Read More

A Brief Intro to Clinical "VR" ("Variation Reduction")

Who would dare tell a doctor how to practice medicine? While many other industries have embraced the benefits of standardization, the practice of medicine is still built on the pillars of professional autonomy and individual clinical judgment. For more tenured physicians this[…] Read More

Clinical Variation Insight: Opioid Prescription Rates

On the heels of Hospital Medicine 2019, I am pleased to cover hospitalist opioid prescribing as the latest in Agathos’ insight blog series. Dr. Syed Raza (CHI St. Luke’s Health The Woodlands Hospital) recently presented a poster presentation at Hospital Medicine 2019 on his[…] Read More

Oh, length of stay, how shall I reduce thee?

Clinical variation is the focus in healthcare, thanks in part to the unprecedented access to data made possible through EHRs. This information has inspired and, frankly, overwhelmed hospitals seeking to pinpoint inefficiencies and optimize pathways and processes. Clinicians[…] Read More

Agathos is headed to Hospital Medicine 2019

Agathos is headed to the Society of Hospital Medicine's Annual Hospital Medicine Conference!  Read More

Remembering to Remember: How Transparency is the Heart of Learning Healthcare Systems

I’m bad at remembering my jacket in the overhead. Three wounded soldiers in three years. I travel a lot and have a lot on my mind, but that’s no excuse. I was distracted on a call with our Marketing Lead and had to race to my folks’ home for Thanksgiving, but that’s no excuse. Read More

Agathos Selected for Dreamit HealthTech's Cohort

Dreamit Ventures has selected Agathos along with seven other startups for the fall 2018 class of its HealthTech cohort. See the MedCity announcement. Read More
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