Trusted insights for physicians

Agathos sends action-level insights on practice patterns directly to hospital physicians, empowering better care and lower costs. We leverage precise attribution, trusted peer comparisons, and seamless mobile notifications to reduce length of stay and unwarranted variation in care.

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For Physicians


While outcomes are how we measure success, Agathos learning is about what clinicians can do to reduce length of stay, readmissions, and cost of care. Which cases to review? Which peers to speak with? Which processes to improve? Which diagnostics, medications, and consults to order less (or more)?

Real-Time on Your Time

Gone are the days of static dashboards and months-too-late reporting. With Agathos’ nightly data refresh and weekly text-based insights, clinicians can always see their most relevant practice patterns, what is working, how to improve, and where to take action.

Unparalleled Precision and Speed

Whether behind the scenes or onsite, Agathos data scientists and clinical variation experts are working tirelessly and mindfully to build clinician trust, engagement, and behavior change—via precisely attributed metrics, scalable deployment, and forums for collaboration.

For Team Leaders

Trusted Performance Improvement

Clinical team leaders gain real-time transparency into individualized and group metrics, alongside underlying practice variation insights. Agathos is perfect for individual coaching, group collaboration, streamlined case review, and physician-aligned administration.

Transparency in Healthcare

Unprecedented access to data is changing the way everyone lives and works, and medicine is no different. When most people hear “transparency” and “healthcare” together, they usually think about pricing—whether in the context of payers, pharma, or providers. However, most people take for granted the other side of the value equation: what care is being done, and what is the efficiency of that care? When is care variation unwarranted, and how can care be optimized?

Agathos is the first platform that directly serves clinicians with trusted transparency into practice variation. Together, we make valuable care obvious and normal.

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