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[WEBINAR] Transforming Clinical Practice with Data Transparency

Core to the ability to impact health care costs and inefficiencies is physician access to trusted, transparent data on practice variation. Lee Health and Tampa General have each focused on providing credible peer comparison data directly to physicians. In this presentation, we discuss the importance of precisely attributing actions and outcomes to providers as well as the value of providing easy-to-digest data via a mobile experience.

William Carracino, MD, CMIO, presents the approach used at Lee Health and Peter Chang, MD, VP of Care Transformation, shares his experiences at Tampa General Hospital. The webinar is brought to you by Agathos. (This is an on-demand recording of the webinar.) 

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Learning Objectives

In this 45-minute webinar, we 

  • Analyze the key drivers in physician practice change
  • Identify effective tactics for physician engagement
  • Discuss guiding principles for data transparency initiatives
  • Offer clear steps on how you can get started

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