Agathos in Action

Action-level insights accelerate learning and maximize clinical impact.

What makes Agathos effective

Clinicians are instinctually driven by data, yet they need more than group-level metrics, static dashboards, EHR pop-ups, and outcomes benchmarking to provide high-value care to their patients. Agathos feedback is based upon patterns of clinical actions over:

1. Many encounters source directly from clinical records

2. Multi-provider attribution based on clinical touches and shared responsibility

3. Convincing peer comparisons

4. Recent case examples with actionable clinical context

5. Opportunities for feedback (on the feedback!)

6. Best practices from peers and guidelines (e.g., Choosing Wisely)

Such action-level feedback is inherently actionable, accelerating clinician engagement, learning, behavior change, and collective performance improvement.

Integration & Security

Integration & Security

Agathos sets up a one-way, nightly, clinical data feed from your EMR reporting database to Agathos’ data warehouse. Setup leverages pre-written, cross-validated queries, with modest IT resourcing for testing and scheduling. Agathos is a read-only learning platform. No clinical integration is required.

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We look forward to exploring how Agathos can bring value to your inpatient service.