Clinical Continuity Platform

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Scheduling and procedure continuity when your EHR goes offline

For healthcare organizations seeking to mitigate the rising threats from cyber and ransomware attacks, the challenges are daunting. Organizations face daily losses in the millions of dollars and total costs beyond $100M. Downtime solutions from prominent vendors still fail to protect even the most advanced IT organizations from extended downtime, causing immense risk to patients and a PR nightmare.

Agathos' solution

Agathos’ Care Continuity Platform keeps critical clinical operations running in the event of a network or EHR downtime episode, while avoiding the pitfalls of popular approaches to this challenge.



How we support you in a downtime event

In minutes, your core operations can be shifted to our cloud-based platform:

Communicate with patients
Patient Communiction - 125 Triage patients impacted to cancel or communicate new details for their appointments with our lightweight cloud-based interface.


Deliver ambulatory care
Ambulatory - 125

Continue ambulatory care and selected surgeries, reducing the projected impact of a downtime event. With one client, the savings were estimated at $8M/day.


Keep your emergency and inpatient services running
EmergencySvcs - 125 Allow clinical staff to continue sharing data and status updates on patients.


Enable staff messaging and document sharing
StaffMsg - 125 Enable staff communication via messaging and ability to share documents. This includes workflow support for radiological reading, general chat with email notifications, and dashboarding alerts.



Behind the functionality

Data backup

Starting with ambulatory, inpatient, and emergency care, Agathos provides a dedicated, HIPAA compliant backup of scheduling data for the current Epic system.


We enable a lightweight, web-based platform for patient communication, patient scheduling, and procedures.

Critical data

We offer access to procedural data such as history and physical, surgeon’s preference cards, and appointment workflows.


We enable emergency, inpatient, and ambulatory staff to retrieve and update patient statuses to ensure continuity of care.



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Existing downtime approaches have left many well-known organizations without access to both their EHR and their patient data. One HIPAA Journal survey showed only 2% of organizations were able to recover all of their data after a ransomware attack. That is a risk you cannot afford to take.

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