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10-step Playbook

for creating a culture of continuous learning and practice improvement

At Agathos, we are on a mission

to improve patient outcomes by giving physicians individualized data that especially helps reduce unwarranted clinical variation. How does that help you, the physician leader and healthcare executive? Better, more accessible data can be the cornerstone for improving the quality of care your team delivers.

To achieve that goal,

you need to create a culture that supports that end. Here is our straightforward, 10-step plan to achieve a data-driven culture around continuous learning and practice improvement.

Here are the 10 steps we detail in the playbook

  1. Decide that better patient care is BOTH improving quality AND reducing unnecessary costs
  2. Shift your focus from outcomes to practice patterns
  3. Track physicians at the individual practice pattern level
  4. Deliver data via text and mobile experience to maximize engagement
  5. Use peer comparison to spur reflection and change
  6. Pay attention to the details — particularly attribution
  7. Favor intrinsic motivators — compassion curiosity, competition — over extrinsic incentives
  8. Create forums for collaboration and discussion inspired by the data
  9. Look for opportunities in the data to inform future text interventions and adjacent tools (e.g., CDS) 
  10. Monitor results, stay curious, repeat steps 1-9

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10 step playbook


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